1. Maintenance operations

The F.lli Bellan Shipyard performs minor maintenance operations such as dry-docking, painting and sanding works, and uses products by the very best brands on the market.

Our staff performs hauling and launching operations for boats up to a weight of 6 t, with a fully equipped crane.

2. Winter storage

The Shipyard offers winter storage services for small and medium sized boats, in its 500sq. m. warehouse. This service is offered during the winter season or generally for all medium and long term periods of disuse of the vessel: in our structure, each boat has its own protected space and our staff is available for any necessary operations on the vessel.

3. Hulls and boats

Fratelli Bellan also sells hulls and boats, managing the related motorization procedures and providing the very best in pre-sale consultancy and post-sale assistance.

4. Dock moorings

Furthermore, we own a series of dock moorings, in front of the Shipyard, at the mouth of the Mandracchio Port in Grado.